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Complete Landscape and Home Renovation- Design- Structures-site plants-Mecanical and installationss .. NOTES : PLANT MATERIAL NAMES AND ZONE MAPS , FIND NATIVE PLANSTS FOR YOUR LIVING OUT DOOR LANDSCAPE. TIP 1 :Learn More About The Map Of USDA Hardiness Zones For Plants & Trees In California Discovering what your planting zone for California is will help you to have a nicer garden. Because it is such a large state, California climate zones

cover a wide range of temperatures. To find the planting zone for California that you live in, simply find the area on the map above that you live in and match the color of that area to the map legend to the right. This planting zone map is based on the 2012 USDA plant hardiness map, which was adjusted for the warmer temperatures that have occurred over the past few decades. The reason understanding what the zones for plants & trees are in California is important is because the zones will help you select the very best plants to grow in your garden. Planting flowers, vegetables, trees and other plants in your garden that are appropriate for your zone will ensure that they will grow well and will survive from one year to the next. ,

  • Concrete stain coating system​
  • Landscape maintenance
  • Landscape Installations
  • Back yard entertainment areas 
  • Patio cover, Gazebos and Pergolas
  • Water falls/ponds
  • Zynthetic turf
  • Bathroom remodeling
  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Tile/laminated flooring
  • Interior Plastering Drywall
  • Electrical Repair/installations

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Offering a wide variety of Interior Renovations or out door living concepts and landscape Designs Local Renovation Services can help you achieve the look you want for
your home or office grounds. Whether you fancy planting shrubs or flowers in your front yard or you want recreational equipment installed , playground and any
​out door living products the company’s team project management , professional builders and installers can perform all these services for you.

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Custom Entry Luxury Door/Windows and more

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Custom Entry Doors And side windows

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